System deployments, new processes and legacy data to be migrated.
Complex stuff and deadline ahead. Sound familiar? We're here to help you out!

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About Us

We’re a group of teamplayers, offering services on ICT sector. We have particularly good experience on Global IT-functions on top of data eg. Data Governance and Data-related processes and deployment projects.

We execute best-practices for bringing value to data eg. processes, collection, retention and migration.

We value integrity and long-term relationships and thrive to evaluate the entities from Customer point of view.

In case you are looking for a proactive drive in your corporation or team, let's get in touch.

We’re based in Espoo Finland and operate globally.

Our Core Expertise

#Project management

We offer senior project management services with technical orientation.

Being fully aware of the technical solution or deployment helps to communicate with every stakeholder and deliver not only adequate outcome, but as planned and the exact fit.

Start a project together?

#Data management

Digital transformation is about putting data to work and provide not only information, but also knowledge for decision making and booming business.

Making all this feasible and worthwhile is tricky but essential.

Shall we work out together your vision, strategy and execution meet the business needs and even more?

#Data quality

While good quality data is a major asset to a company, bad data causes extra work and increases quality costs.

Measuring data is straight forward and the results can be gained quickly. Long term win might require change on processes.

Take a new step on Digitization?

#Data migration

Majority of system deployments delay because of an overlooked legacy system data migration. The migration work should start well in advance prior to system preparation and deployments.

Validation rules, transformation, tests, verifications - this aligned and executed with the stakeholders is an essential part of the entity.

Let’s work out a plan and execution for a successful project!

#Change management

Pretty much all IT projects are about change. Target audience solution adaptation is one of the successful project cornerstones.

Stakeholders, Communication, Documentation, Trainings etc.

Could we be of help on your roadmap?

#System training

We are quite familiar with SAP MM and most PDM/PLM’s like Siemens Teamcenter and Dassault Enovia.

In case you’re looking for help on system trainings via operative execution and/or e.g. e-learning, please ping us.

What the others say?

About project managament - PM on multiple projects

``Projects delivered as planned and as adapted in changed business situations. No politics but always right focus on planning, change leadership, project management and execution. Accountability, pro-activeness and interest for high customer satisfaction.``

Head of Product Data Management
Global Telecomms Manufacturer

About data migration - PDM full structure product templates

``Normally I dont share too much positive feedback, but now I need to say that this one went pretty well.``

Chief Designer
Global Steel Manufacturer

About training - PDM/PLM training to global manufacturer

``The session proceeded logically in suitable portions and the simple drills made the lesson practical. You actually learned without noticing it!``

Mechanical engineer
Global Steel Manufacturer

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